Cradle Moon is situated on the Crocodile River near Lanseria airport. We first visited this site in June 2018 and recognised the potential of the dam to generate electricity and supplement the lodge’s requirements.

Following the owners’ interest we established that the full potential of the dam was 110kW at the existing outlet. Our initial proposal was to use relatively new technology in the form of a cascade of Gravitational Water Vortex Power Plants but due to, at the time, irregular service from the suppliers we agreed to adopt a more conventional and trusted approach by using a Tubular Turbine which would attach to existing pipes that exited the dam wall fairly close to the new restaurant.


The owners insisted that they did not want to use the full potential of the dam and, in the process, lose the unique horseshoe-shaped waterfall which is one of the lodge’s features. The final plan was to only utilise 600lt/sec which would generate 35kW to 38kW continuously. Should Cradle Moon decide to expand this system in future we could add an additional 30kW to 35kW to this system. 

The system is grid-tied so that Cradle Moon can achieve maximum saving. In this instance it’s approximately R49 000.00 per month. The order was placed in January 2019 and construction began in March 2019. The Turbine was delivered in June 2019 and the plant will be fully commissioned on 24 August 2019.